When going away on holidays, considering what to do with your feline companion can be a dilemma. Most cats do not appreciate long car journeys. Acclimatising your feline companion to your holiday destination can be tricky and may dampen your holiday experience.

Boarding your feline companion in a safe and secure environment with trained personnel looking after them is a good option. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday, without any worries.

  • Carnegie Cat Cottage is a first class, urban cat boarding lodge near Caulfield and Chadstone. The facility is decked out with Raintree™ Cat Condos, which are unique in their look, structure and function.
  • Our boarders are spoilt to the soothing sounds of instrumental music
  • The Carnegie Cat Cottage environment is temperature controlled, draught free and completely indoors, shielded from outdoor elements.
  • Translucent, double glazed windows significantly reduce ambient temperature fluctuations and are pivotal to sound proofing the cottage from outdoor noises. This is particularly good for those feline boarders who are acutely sensitive to noises.
  • Raintree™ Cat Condos were our first choice in planning an unrivalled urban cattery as it is designed with the finicky feline in mind.
  • Each Condo has three tiers which includes a resting ledge and built-in feeding /watering ledge. There is a separate section for the litter tray, away from the accommodation area. This enhances the level of comfort for feline companions in our care.
  • Hospital grade melamine ensures that that the condos are moisture and bacteria free.
  • Carnegie Cat Cottage is an odour free environment, with regular air changes, facilitated by an integrated ventilation system – hence the facility is clean, hygienic, noise free and odourless. Carnegie Cat Cottage’s integrated ventilation system can accommodate between 15-30 complete air exchanges per hour. With respect to airborne virus transmission, this significantly reduces airborne virus particle concentrations, hence significantly reduces infection rates. Hygiene and cleanliness are paramount to maintaining healthy and happy feline boarders.
  • There is a veterinary surgery on site, just in case veterinary attention is required.
  • Carnegie Cat Cottage is maintained by trained Veterinary Nurses.
  • No direct contact is possible between feline boarders. This is important to eliminate the risk of F.I.V. (Feline AIDS) transmission.
  • Feline boarders are fed premium quality highly palatable dry and wet foods in the form of ADVANCE chicken kibble and ADVANCE chicken and tuna cans.
  • Peace of mind and security knowing that your companion is in a secure and safe boarding environment.
  • The Raintree™ Cat Condos allow your feline companion to feel safe and protected. Outside of their own home cats prefer safety and security over space. If they are safe and secure they are far less stressed, and if they are less stressed, they will generally do well. Your feline companion may want to run around at home, but in new surroundings they tend to prefer the safety of their own condo. Cats follow the principles of isometric exercise. That is, if enough room is provided to stretch, your feline companion can exercise every muscle in his/her body. The Raintree™ Cat Condo provides plenty of room for this to happen. In fact the cat stretch exercise has been replicated in yoga exercise.
  • To view a detailed description of the advantages the Raintree™ Cat Condos that Carnegie Cat Cottage have provided to ensure your feline companions top class accommodation and care, a link to an eight minute video is at the bottom of our Boarders Photo Gallery Page. When you have completed reading through the important information below on this page, go to the Gallery link at the top right hand corner of this page, see some of our recent Cat Cottage boarders and, if you have a broadband internet connection, check out the Raintree™ Cat Condo video