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For a cattery in Carnegie that provides the highest standards of care for your pet, make a booking at Carnegie Cat Cottage.
Carnegie Cat Cottage, a service offered by the Carnegie Veterinary Clinic in their convenient inner city location at 66 Rosstown Road Carnegie, [Melways Reference: 68J4], is a first class urban cat boarding lodge – We are a modern cattery in Carnegie, providing unequalled accommodation and services for your feline companion.We cater to many cat owners seeking a cattery in Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Caulfield, and the surrounding areas.

When going away on holidays, considering what to do with your feline companion can be a dilemma. Most cats do not appreciate long car journeys. Acclimatising your feline companion to your holiday destination can be tricky and may dampen your holiday experience.

What Do We Feed Our Boarders?

For a cattery near Chadstone that provides the best in nutritious food for its boarders, make a booking with us today.

ADVANCE® is a super premium pet food that contains all the nutrients required, in a highly palatable and easily digestible format. ADVANCE is the only super premium pet food company whose entire range is made in Australia.

ADVANCE® pet food has been developed in Australia by one of the world’s largest research and development teams – the WALTHAM Centre for Petcare and Nutrition in the UK.

Dental Care

ADVANCE is specifically designed to promote dental health. Kibbles of certain size and shape help reduce tartar accumulation through mechanical abrasion. By feeding these kibbles daily, in conjunction with a regular scale and polish by a veterinarian, tartar accumulation will be controlled to give a healthier mouth.

Skin and Coat Health

A patented combination of zinc and linoleic acid that has scientifically been shown to improve coat health, lustre and softness.

Hairball Control

Slippery elm extract and psyllium husks are natural fibre sources that aid in moving ingested hair gently through the intestinal tract and reduce the incidence of hairballs and their symptoms.


ADVANCE contains a unique blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, taurine, and lycopene. These ingredients have been proven to increase the level of antioxidants in your pet. Antioxidants are essential for the animal’s natural defences and to protect their cells.

Urinary Tract Health

Feeding studies have substantiated ADVANCE reduces the risk of lower urinary tract disease (LUTD), with controlled levels of minerals and high digestibility to promote the production of increased volumes of slightly acidic urine.

Advance with Chicken & Tuna

Specifically developed to maintain ideal body weight and composition Chicken and Tuna as main source of quality protein Complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats


We provide cat boarding near Caulfield that caters to the needs of cats with special requirements.

Carnegie Cat Cottage is maintained by trained veterinary nurses. Boarders that require medications or have special dietary requirements are accommodated. Please make sure that all medications are labelled with your companion’s name and surname, clinic’s name and address and the type, concentration, and dose of medication to be administered. Boarders with special dietary requirements – we will feed the diet that you provide. Please label all diets clearly with your companion’s first and last name with indelible ink.


We do not charge extra for public holidays, school holidays, Easter or Christmas.

For an affordable Glen Eira cattery, Carnegie Cat Cottage will be the perfect choice for your precious pets.

(The Raintree™ Cat Condo is designed for one feline companion at a time. We do not recommend feline companions from the same household share the Raintree™ Cat Condo. However, feline companions from the same household can be placed side by side, which provides for close proximity but with enough space for each companion.

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