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Cat Boarding Near Oakleigh

When it comes to cat boarding near Oakleigh, Carnegie Cat Cottage provides the highest standards of living for your cat. We understand that just like humans, every cat is different. We will treat each boarder with the individual care and respect that they deserve. If your cat has special dietary requirements or medical requirements, they will be accommodated to. It is essential that all medications are labelled with your feline’s name and surname, clinic’s name, address, concentration, dosage and when it is to be administered.

If your cat has a special dietary requirement, we will feed them the food that you provide. As cat owners ourselves, we understand that many felines are fussy eaters! We will be more than happy to accommodate to this. Please remember to label all food clearly with your companion’s first and last name. If you would like to discuss your cat’s dietary requirements, call us today.

Our cattery near Bentleigh and Oakleigh is dedicated to providing a personalised (or felinised) service for you and your feline companion. Simply speak with us and we can discuss your requirements. For a cattery near Bentleigh that cares, call us today.