Cattery in Carnegie

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Cattery in Melbourne

Carnegie Cat Cottage is a cattery in Melbourne providing premium feline accommodation for only $19 per day. Your cat will love staying in one of our Feline Companion Cat Condos. We provide everything needed to make your cat’s stay as comfortable as possible. Your cat will stay in a dry, cosy and temperature-controlled environment and will enjoy delicious, nutritious food from ADVANCE.

If you are going away for a holiday during a peak period of the year, don’t expect to pay any more than $19 per day. We do not charge extra for public holidays, school holidays, Easter or Christmas. All boarding fees are GST inclusive.

Please note a 10% deposit is required before school holidays, Easter, Christmas and the New Year period. For more information about our cattery in Melbourne, call us today. Our friendly team is always available to answer your questions.